Thoughtful Movement

Moving Your,
& Soul

The Thoughtful Movement Mission

Ready to improve your your overall health and well-being?

At Thoughtful Movement we have made it our mission to provide services that focus on the mind, body, and soul. We work from a holistic framework to increase health and well-being outcomes for our valued participants and work personally one on one to achieve the best outcomes.

Our professional multi-disciplined team offers;



-Personal Training

-Nutrition Coaching

-Support Coordination

At Thoughtful Movement we tailor our services to work with all ages provide therapeutic support that aligns with your goals, making it realistic and achievable to make stable changes in your daily life.

We understand the stress and difficulties that arise from having complex needs and disabilities with competing demands individually and in the family unit. We strive to be flexible and implement our services that work with you and your family’s needs. This includes offering outreach to the comfort of your home, working online through Telehealth and around the clock for appointments to suite you best.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our participants and ensure that all individuals feel welcomed into our service. We follow our company values each day in our practise to accept all people, demonstrate compassion, share knowledge and wisdom to benefit others and we are determined to stick it through with our clients to make changes however long it takes.

We support self or plan managed clients within our caring team, get in touch and find out all the ways we can support your healthy mind, body, and soul.