Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

At Thoughtful Movement our goal is to help Australian and New Zealand organisations to assist, support and equip their employees with tools and services to achieve overall wellbeing to thrive in their work and life. Unlike other EAP programs we offer a holistic approach to employee assistance, from personal training and counselling to management and Critical Incident Support

Employee Counselling

Professional support and guidance for employees to address personal and work-related challenges, promoting mental and emotional wellbeing.

Manager Assistance

Specialized assistance for managers, equipping them with the tools and strategies to effectively deal with mental health incidents in the work place. 

Wellbeing Surveys & Assessments

Comprehensive surveys and assessments designed to evaluate the overall wellbeing of employees, providing valuable insights for tailored interventions and improvements.

Critical Incident Mental Health Support

Immediate and targeted support to employees affected by critical incidents, helping them cope with trauma, reduce stress, and restore emotional well-being.

Trainings and Workshops:

Engaging and informative sessions aimed at enhancing employee skills, fostering personal development, and promoting a positive work culture.

Nutritional Counseling

 Expert guidance and personalized nutritional plans to support employees in making healthy dietary choices, improving overall health and well-being.

Mental health is a person's psychological well-being. It includes emotions, thoughts, and behaviors which impacts overall health affecting their personal and workplace performance.

We offer wellbeing solutions tailored to your organisation. Our holistic approach means there is something for every employer and employee alike!  

Benefits To Business Owners

Create psychologically safe work environment

Improve workplace health and wellbeing

Elevate engagement and productivity levels

Improve work culture and morale

Reduce sick days

Save your business money!

Benefits For Employees

  • Help navigate life’s changes
  • Access to confidential counselling
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Find satisfaction in your workplace
  • Up Skilling & Professional Developement

Client Testimonials

"Thoughtful Movement’s employee program has been very reliable, they are really caring and supportive and respond really quickly to enquiries. It’s made a big difference having them support our team."

 Sunshine Home Support Sunshine Home Support

"The reports provided by thoughtful movements employee program were very helpful to gain insight into staff needs and they offered great support in making changes to boost morale and improve the culture within our organization, they are proactive in offering support and making a difference far greater then previous eap companies we have worked with"

One Fine DayOne Fine Day

"Working with the team at Thoughtful Movement has definitely improved the culture in our workplace, the staff really appreciate the support services and its reassuring in the management team to have professional support in how to handle delicate situations with employee’s"

Mini FairsMini Fairs

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